Installing the SQLstream Trial VM Appliance

The Guavus SQLstream Virtual Machine appliance contains an Ubuntu Server with s-Server and StreamLab installed.

The Guavus SQLstream Trial Virtual Machine appliance is an Open Virtualization Archive, which is an open standard format for distributing virtual machine appliances. The file is a single tar archive in

Open Virtualization Format, and contains a Virtual Machine image and metadata for automating on import. OVF is supported by leading VM vendors such as Oracle VirtualBox and VMware. We have tested importing using VirtualBox and VMware. Please see or for details on these virtualization platforms. On some Intel motherboards, you may need to enable Intel’s VT-x feature in BIOS before you can run these platforms.


In order to run the Guavus SQLstream Trial Virtual Machine appliance with good performance, we recommend a host system with 4 cores and 8GB RAM.

What to Import

The VMI is a single 3.7GB file called SQLstream-<version>.ova. It is available from For instructions on how to import Open Virtualization Archives, please see the documentation for your virtualization platform .

Contents of VMI

The Guavus SQLstream Trial VMI is built on an Ubuntu Server 20.04 instance with the GNOME 3 desktop.

The automatic user is user name “Guavus SQLstreamr”. The user “Guavus SQLstreamr” has no password and can use sudo, also without a password. See for details on sudo.

In order to accommodate s-Server’s installation requirements, the following are preinstalled:

  • OpenJDK 8
  • lsb-core
  • lighttpd
  • php5-cgi

The StreamLab package is also preinstalled. See the Using StreamLab Guide for more details on this product.

Steps to Get the Virtual Machine Appliance Running

  • Import the OVA file into your virtualization system, using the steps described in the system’s documentation. (It may take some time to import the OVA file.)
  • Start the virtual machine. (This may also take some time.)

Once it is running, the virtual machine will automatically log in to the Linux desktop and display an information page for Guavus SQLstream. You can run a free, limited version of Guavus SQLstream for as long as you want. To receive a 60-day license for a full Enterprise edition, fill in your email address and company name on this information page. From this page, you can run and view the Mochi demo, as well as StreamLab.

See the Building Streaming Applications Guide for ideas on what to do next.