SQLstream s-Server Licensing

SQLstream requires a license to run at full capacity. When you first install SQLstream s-Server, you register for a license, and will receive an email from our license server with a link that lets you activate this license. Once you activate your license, you can run s-Server for 60 days of product evaluation. This trial license places no limit on the number of parallel number of threads in SQLstream s-Server.

After 60 days, you will need to purchase a license in order to keep running s-Server at full capacity. Once you do, SQLstream will automatically update your license.

If you do not update your license, s-Server will continue to run on a community license. This license allows you to run s-Server at a lower capacity, as long as s-Server can report usage information to SQLstream. With a community license, you can process 1GB of data initially, afterward processing drops to 1GB/day, or 12.1KB per second.

Licensing Process

Like many products, s-Server manages licensing with a secure link over the Internet. It is best to run s-Server on a machine with Internet access. If your initial installation is behind a firewall, you will need to set a Linux environment variable called https_proxy in order to access the license server. See Installing Behind a Firewall below.

When you install s-Server, the installer asks for your name, email address, and the name of your company.

The first time you start s-Server, it communicates with SQLstream’s license server and creates an entitlement identification for your installation. (s-Server stores this entitlement id in s-Server/catalog/entitlementId.txt.)

When you finish running the installer, check your email. You should receive an email from SQLstream’s license server with a link to activate your license. Click this link to activate your license.

You will receive an email indicating that the license has been activated. You can now run s-Server for 60 days at full capacity.

Installing with a Trial License Behind a Firewall

If your initial installation is behind a firewall, you can set a Linux environment variable called https_proxy in order to access the license server. Your proxy server must support https (SSL), but cannot require a user name and password.

You do so with a command along the following lines:

export https_proxy=[your proxy address]

This command will set the https_proxy for the current session.

You can also append a proxy definition to starting s-server manually:

./https_proxy=[your proxy address] s-server

To use a proxy with s-serverd, best practice is to add the following line to /etc/default/s-serverd:

https_proxy=[your proxy address]

This link gives examples of using this variable: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-unix-set-proxy-environment-variable/

Note: http_proxy will not work. Also, SQLstream does not support a username and password in the proxy variable.

Manually Installing Licenses

In rare cases, you may need to install a license manually in collaboration with SQLstream’s technical support. To do so, place a license file in $SQLSTREAM_HOME. s-Server will automatically find the license. When you place a license file in $SQLSTREAM_HOME, s-Server is using a manually-installed license and no longer requires over-the-network licensing.

Note: earlier versions of s-Server used trust store licensing. This version uses over-the-network and manually-installed licensing only.

Note on Network Use and Server Startup Delays

When you manually install a license, s-Server will not update licenses and will not report usage. In order to completely disable any network communication, you can create an entitlementId.txt file in the server’s catalog directory. Copy the entitlement id of the manual license into it.

You may need to do so in order to avoid server startup delays where the s-server is behind a firewall and cannot report back. Even an empty entitlementId.txt would prevent network activity in this case

What Happens if I Uninstall and Reinstall s-Server?

If you uninstall during the trial period, the installer will delete the installation directory and you’ll get a new trial license.

Can I Extend My Trial License?

If you are using a community license, your license continues as long as s-Server can contact SQLstream and report your usage.

If your trial license expires, in most cases SQLstream will extend your trial license. Contact SQLstream support to inquire about getting an extended trial. license.

How Do I Upgrade My License?

Contact SQLstream support to upgrade your license. In most cases, your license can be updated over the Internet. If you do not have outgoing Internet access, you may have to install an upgraded license manually.

When I Extend or Upgrade a License, Do I Need to Restart s-Server?

When you extend or upgrade a license, s-Server will detect the license update during the next license check cycle. You do not need to restart s-Server.

How Do I Know When a License is About to Expire?

The server logs will have warnings when there are less than 60 days left on the license. You can also open the license file with a text editor and look at the human readable section for the expiration date.

Do I Need to Terminate a License?

You do not need to take any specific actions to terminate a license.

How Are Licenses Set?

Licenses are set by host, along the following lines:


Sample License

INCREMENT engine sqlstreamd 6.0 29-may-2019 uncounted \
   VENDOR_STRING="name:enterprise max-threads:0 \
   installation-id:null license-check-period:2h \
   usage-check-period:never usage-report-period:never \
   throttle-when:never" \
   HOSTID=HOSTNAME=aBigCompany.com \
   ISSUER="SQLstream Inc." ISSUED=29-may-2018 START=28-may-2018 \
   SIGN="1674 9512 36C1 7A97 3010 13D5 6C61 16CE 9E93 3942 AFA6 \
   D95F 0C1F 0380 589F 1F50 279F 4C28 429E 7D0F 392A 7EDE 7DA7 \
   25EB E512 CE8A A3F4 7CC5 B47C 0EC6" SIGN2=62FDF9A011B0

INCREMENT mtScheduler sqlstreamd 3.0 11-jul-2018 uncounted \
   HOSTID=HOSTNAME=aStandardsConsultant.com ISSUER="SQLstream Inc." \
   ISSUED=12-may-2018 START=11-may-2018 SIGN="0D7A B515 987B 66A6 \
   1DAF A7CE 8717 2D04 71DC 88E7 0070 773E FCD7 6B2E 3A91 0654 \
   1E4F C3EE E935 BB07 7D2B 8C77 50CF 88AD DB55 BD0B E7BC 1D1D \
   5D7F 19B0" SIGN2=AC358C26A4FC