Using Panel Preferences

Using Panel Preferences

After you get the right data flowing into a panel, you can customize the panel’s appearance by using the Panel Preferences dialog box. Changing Panel preferences is a key part of getting your panels to look right. Some panels let you make relatively minor changes, but in some cases, preferences let you customize the entire look and feel of the panel.

To open the Panel Preferences dialog box, click the Panel Preferences icon in the upper right corner of the panel.

The options available here will change depending on the type of panel selected. For Table, the Panel Preferences dialog box lets you set the number of rows displayed, the table’s style, and whether or not the table scrolls, among other options.

Adjusting Panel Input

Using the Input Preferences panel, you can specify how much data to show. This might be twenty rows at once, all rows from the past hour, twenty rows per key category, and so on. See s-Dashboard Input Overview for more details.

Customizing a Panel’s Appearance

Once you get the data right, your next step is to customize the panel. The View Latest Row: Bar Chart, for example, lets you change the colors of the bars, bar border, and hover color. (You can do much more by taking advantage of Chart.js.)

You should experiment with Panel Preferences to get your desired effect. See Using Panel Preferences below for more details.