SQLstream supports the creation of user-defined functions defined externally in Java JAR files. These external JAR files are loaded into SQLstream s-Server using CREATE JAR, and unloaded using DROP JAR. See also the topic CREATE FUNCTION in this guide.


CREATE [OR REPLACE] JAR <qualified-jar-name>
[SYSTEM] LIBRARY <jar-url>
OPTIONS (<integer>)

“SYSTEM” should only be added for libraries that reference SQLstream internal APIs. The OPTIONS clause will be supported in a future version; at this time the only valid OPTIONS value is zero. If the does not include a schema prefix, it will be created in the current schema.


Load a jar file located in /home/aspen/gps.jar with the jar name GPSFuncsJavaLib in the current schema:

CREATE JAR GPSFuncsJavaLib LIBRARY 'file:/home/aspen/gps.jar' OPTIONS(0);