Bars and Lines

Panels that use the key column as the domain, and the other numerical columns as the range. These panels are useful for data that groups into a limited number of major categories, such as cities, departments, product categories, teams, and so on.

A bar and line dashboard shows two frames:

  • A bar graph using data from all numerical columns entered
  • A line graph that plots a numerical value against time. You need to enter at least one timestamp for in the Line Plot Column field or the dashboard will fail.

You can remove or add panels through the Dashboards menu, available by clicking the SQLstream icon in the upper right corner of the panel). You can also clone any of the panels.

The loaded dashboard looks as follows:

Bars Over Time

Bars Over Time displays each key category (such as a city) as a group of bars (all the numerical columns in rows grouped by the key, such as all ATMs in San Francisco).

This panel is highly customizable with Panel Preferences. You can change the bars' orientation, color, width, as well as other options. Because this panel is built using Chart.js, you can also edit Chart.js options directly to customize the panel further.