Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are a volatility indicator, typically used for stock prices. Bollinger Bands consist of:

  • an moving average (avg) over a given period T.
  • an upper band at K times an T-period standard deviation above the moving average (avg + Kσ)
  • a lower band at K times an T-period standard deviation below the moving average (avg − Kσ)

StreamLab also lets you define inner and outer values for the upper and lower bands.

See for more details.

To generate a Bollinger Bands dashboard:

  • Select the Bollinger Bands tab in the Custom Dashboard commands.

  • Select columns for Running Average, Inner Band Upper, Inner Band Lower, Outer Band Upper, and Outer Band Lower. If you have run the Bollinger Bands analytic, StreamLab automatically selects the columns resulting from that analytic.


  • Click the + icon to add the suggestion to the Script.

  • Click the Dashboard icon  in the script.

    The Bollinger Bands dashboard opens.

Once the dashboard opens, you can modify it with panel preferences or by modifying the layout.