Modifying Dashboard Layouts

You can view multiple panels within the same browser by enclosing them in frames. You can then save these layouts for later use or to share with another user. Layouts are saved when you save the dashboard. You can also make a copy of the dashboard, as described in the topic Using the Dashboards Home Page in this guide. That way, you can create a layout that you like, save it, create a copy, and then modify the original layout in the copied version.

By default, one panel opens in a dashboard. To add additional panels, you need to first enclose the dashboard in a layout. You do so through the s-Dashboard menu in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Enclosing a Frame Within a Layout

The first step in creating a dashboard layout is to enclose the current panel within a frame. You do so through the s-Dashboard menu, accessed through the SQLstream icon at the top right of the dashboard:

Note that the original panel now has a title bar above it. Select this panel's menu to add a layout. You can arrange panels vertically and horizontally, and choose a percentage for the relationship between the two, such as "Horizontal, leftmost is 20%" or "Vertical, topmost is 70%".

The dashboard below has an enclosing frame with a left panel at 50%. The right panel is currently absent. To add a panel to the right frame, click on the left panel's menu and choose Clone Frame, Place Copy After or Add Blank Frame After.

Once the layout changes, you can add additional frames by clicking the s-Dashboard menu for the new frame.


For example, the layout below shows a horizontal frame added before the current frame:

You can also enclose one of the new panels in a layout by using the s-Dashboard menu. All the same layout options are available for enclosed panels. For example, the panel below has a Horizontal, leftmost is 50% layout added to the vertical panel on the bottom:

Using the options above, you can adjust panel layouts until you are satisfied with them. When you save the dashboard, the layouts will remain intact. You can also share a link to the dashboard and keep the layout intact.

Swapping Panels

You can quickly change the content of a frame by swapping its contents with an adjacent frame.

To do so:

  1. Select the frame that you want to swap with another frame.
  2. Click the SQLstream menu icon and select Swap with Frame Above or Swap with Frame Below. If the layout is horizontal, these options will read Swap with Frame Before or Swap with Frame After. The frames' contents switch.

Cloning a Layout Frame

You can also clone a frame, including frames with multiple enclosures. This creates a full copy of all frames, including panel and input preferences. In the screen grab below, a frame enclosing two bar graphs was cloned. Once you clone frames, you can modify these as you wish.

To do so:

  1. Select the frame that you want to swap with another frame.
  2. Click the SQLstream menu icon and select Clone Frame, Place Copy Before or Clone Frame, Place Copy After.