Advanced Commands

The following analytics are provided in order to provide access to advanced s-Server features. Using them requires advanced knowledge of SQL.

Call UDX

This command lets you enter the name of a predefined custom user transform. You need to provide the full name of the function (including schema).

A user-defined transform is a user-defined function that returns a table or a stream.

The UDX does have to be predefined and it cannot take arguments.

It can return either a table or a stream. If it is a table you can specify a column that will contain the ROWTIME.

For more information on UDXs, please see the topic Transforming Data in s-Server in the Integrating Guavus SQLstream with Other Systems guide.

Custom View

The SQL you enter here will be used to transform the stream you are building in the Guide.

The actual SQL added to the script will be in the following form:

   CREATE VIEW (output) AS SELECT (stream) <<your SQL here>> FROM (input)

(input), (output) and (stream) are all filled in by StreamLab.

Custom SQL

The Custom SQL analytic lets you execute any block of SQL in s-Server. This SQL is not added to the pipeline, but is added to the Script. In order to add SQL to the pipeline, you should use the Custom View command.