The Categorize command lets you take a continuous value, such as a bus speed, and replace it with strings such as “fast”, “medium”, or “slow” by applying conditions to the column. You can process more than one column at once. Because this command replaces the column with one containing strings, you may want to make a copy of the column first, using the New Column command.

To implement a Categorize command:

  • Select column(s) to which to apply categories. Each column must contain numerical data.
  • Enter a default category for column values that do not meet any conditions, such as “Normal”.
  • Enter a category for columns that meet the first condition, such as “High”.
  • Select a comparison operator for the condition, such as “is equal to”.
  • Enter a value for the condition, such as “110”.

To add more conditions, click the + icon in the Category window.

  • Click the + icon  in the Suggestions list to add the command to the Guide script.

  • The results of the script appear in the Output View window.