Adding an External Table Sink

This sink inserts into a table in a database server external to s-Server, such as a PostgreSQL, Oracle, or Terradata database. You should have already defined one or more connections to external servers in the the External Connections page. You need to define the connection first because you can use the same connection across multiple external tables, both as sources and sinks. To add an External Table Sink:

  1. Select the s-Server schema and stream where this sink will reside. By default, StreamLab uses the project schema for the sink and adds a default prefix to the sink name. This will be important in order to locate the External Table sink later.
  2. Select the external schema and external table names, as they are named in the external database. If you do not have this information, see the administrator of your external database.
  3. Either Click the Autofill Columns button to fill in the names and types of all columns in the external table. or Fill in the list of columns and SQL types manually. The column names and types should match what is defined in the external database. You can use the Clipboard to copy column names and types from another form.
  4. If desired, indicate a transaction row limit (in number of rows) or transaction time limit (in milliseconds) for the External Table sink. These specify how many rows are allowed to accumulate before they are written to the external database.
  5. Click the blue title to save the project. The title returns to white after you click it.
  6. Click the Go Up arrow to exit the Add External Table Source page.