HTTPS for StreamLab



You can use HTTPS for StreamLab in order to secure data being transmitted over the internet. With HTTPS, this data is encrypted, making it safe from eavesdroppers. Data integrity is assured, meaning that data cannot be modified or corrupted while in transit without the change being detected. Furthermore, authentication prevents man-in-the-middle attacks.


To configure StreamLab for HTTPS, you will need to supply your own SSL certificate. Also, the SQLstream WebAgent should be running in HTTPS mode.


To configure HTTPS, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your StreamLab root folder:

    $ source /etc/sqlstream/streamlab.environment
  2. Copy your public certificate in certs/server.cert.

  3. Copy your private key in certs/server.key.

  4. Stop StreamLab:

    $ ./
  5. Run StreamLab in HTTPS mode:

    $ ./ -e true
  6. You can confirm that StreamLab is running in HTTPS mode as follows:

    $ curl -k https://localhost:5590

    Alternatively, you can verify this by visiting the following URL in your browser of choice: https://localhost:5590.

Congratulations! At this point, StreamLab is now using HTTPS.